Our Cookies are Mo' Betta

We deliver warm cookies in Clovis and Fresno, California

Crave started as a family recipe over 20 years ago in the California Central Valley. We were going broke giving away free cookies to our used-to-be-skinny friends so we decided to try our hands at this capitalism thing. We started out in Ripon, CA but have since moved to the Fresno/Clovis area.

Cookies + Tech

With Sam's background as a software engineer in the tech industry, he paired up with his sister, Shandi, to sell her cookies using a modern, online-only business model. The software is built "from scratch" like the cookies and is part of Crave's success story. No other food company has the software Crave has for managing deliveries. We're hyper efficient—all part of our focus on customer service. Oh, and it's the best cookie you've ever had.

The Hype is Warranted

Wanna try? Just fill out the form on our home page by selecting a time and place and we'll show up with warm cookies, fresh out of the oven. That's it.

Boxes of Crave cookies